Surrealism in Advertising

Did you know... That Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo? 
Or That Miro designed the La Caixa bank logo?

Film and advertising use surrealist techniques so often these days that we barely notice them. But that's the wonderful thing about cross-pollination in the arts-- the same themes keep popping up everywhere in different forms: poetry, music, dance, painting, and even commerce. In this last week before April Fool's Day we're going to follow the White Rabbit down into this Surrealist Wonderland..... so stay tuned!

Kulturez show

This past May, some of my drawings were up at Kulturez (formerly the Proletariat), the art/skate/graffiti shop in the Garage in Harvard Square.
For their website, go to

They host monthly art openings in their space on the second floor, and most art is for sale, including mine! They were kind enough to help curate and hang all the pieces— hope to show there again sometime with bigger pieces, now I have space to work again at home. Click to the right to view more pictures below, it'll also give a good sense of the size of the pieces if you can't visualize them from the given dimensions.

Note: The graffiti stuff behind the counter isn’t mine, just the red one. Close-ups of most of the smaller pieces are viewable in the artwork section on this site.