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Hi, I’m Melissa!

A content professional who
sees the big picture 👁️

I'm a multidisciplinary writer, strategist and designer who thrives on aligning products and experiences to user needs.

I believe that empathizing with users and thinking through the details of their journey is the key to long-term business success.
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Product Refinement and New Features

Supperclub is a digital meeting place for booking time with hard-to-reach industry experts in various fields. Our team consulted with Supperclub's founder to refine the app's UI and UX, simplify and improve the navigation, layouts, user flows, and even introduce brand new features.

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Out & About
Content Strategy and Design 

Inspired to serve the LGBTQ+ community, my team concepted and prototyped a curated events website enabling users to organically network their way toward greater social and financial stability.

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Wanna Hear It Records
Content Strategy and IA

A small but mighty record store gets a mid-fidelity makeover, from an information architecture restructure to additions of newbie-friendly features.

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Trued Apparel
(coming soon)
Business Strategy and Content Strategy

My own eco-friendly clothing line, where I manage all product design, production operations, marketing and creative.

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